Toddler Room

The year from one to two years of age is one of great change. Babies become toddlers as they learn to walk, and their universe has its own big bang. Toddlers are much more an agent in their day than an infant, and with that comes their taking risks. Our approach with children in this period of life is to create an environment that allows for and encourages active movement, tenderly harnessed by warmth and caring. Responsive, attuned and available adults are crucial at this time. Adults help children come to know themselves, how to take a healthy risk, and how to get comfort when needed. This is the basis our our approach in the Toddler classroom. We design opportunities for emotional play, perceptual play and sensory experiences, surrounded by a nurturing, supportive warmth. We plan a day based on what we know, as informed educators are typically interesting to and appropriate for our students. We choose specific books and learning topics, e.g, strawberries, as we notice an interest from our students. Our curriculum piece emerges as we get to know your children. Our foundation of a predictable daily routine, a balance of experiences, and a reflective practice with children, are simultaneously structured and flexible. 

A Typical Day

Children arrive with their parents, who help them get comfortable with the transition to school. Teachers then help them to say good-bye. Guided by written information submitted by each family, teachers follow individual schedules for feeding and napping.

  • Play Times: Children engage in play, story reading, and exploration of the room. Throughout the day, children are placed down for their naps at appropriate times. The group shares a mid-morning snack time. As children grow into routines, more group experiences are initiated by the teachers: group music time, story times, snack times, lunch times.
  • Eating: Parents provide bottles and food for daily snacks and lunch. Teachers follow schedules designated by parents. Parents are welcome to come to breastfeed.
  • Outdoor Time: Children play outdoors daily, weather permitting. Outdoor time will include wagon and/or stroller walks to local outdoor spaces: Barnard’s campus, grassy areas, neighborhood walks. As the children mature, some will be age-appropriate for our roof playground.


Over 12 months to under 24 months


You may register for either a 3:30 or a 5:30 pickup time for your child on Monday through Thursday. All children are dismissed at 3:30 on Friday.