Nursery School

Our Preschool program is the culmination of our delicately balanced approach with children. Teachers are facilitators who promote active learning and maximize our students' opportunities and abilities to interact with others of all ages. We encourage discussion and collaboration in our classrooms, promoting a social democracy where all voices are heard. Children's critical thinking flourishes through our pedagogical approach. Teachers help children articulate their thinking, and bring mindfulness to children's choices, thereby laying the groundwork for independent thinking, and growing conscientious citizens of the world.

Our daily routine begins with all children together on our rooftop playground, includes 90 minutes of extended play time which includes snack and small group activities, then circle, followed by music, lunch, and finally books&puzzles.  From 1:30-3:30pm, the 3's and 4's separate into two groups.  Each age group works on literacy, block building challenges, science, math explorations, followed by rest time.  Between 3:30-5:30pm, children have snack, movement such as yoga or music class, an outdoor walking trip and a brief free play.  

We do not use electronics on any of our classrooms.  Our school is an oasis of children's collaborations centered around hands on activities. 


2 years, 11 months to 5 years


You may register for one of three pickup times for your child on Monday through Thursday. All children are dismissed at 3:30 on Friday.

Nursery Daily Schedule