Twos Room

Our Twos Room program is all about play. Our year begins with children learning to explore all the areas and materials in the classroom, to articulate their ideas, and begin to incorporate other children into their play in a cooperative manner. Through playing together, relationships are built, children are exposed to other ideas, creativity, and begin to work their way through frustration tolerance; to genuine generosity with peers. Our program is designed to meet the developmental needs of twelve two year olds at any one time. We offer sensory play areas, many types of blocks and building materials, dramatic play, art, books and a science area. Children have music everyday. Children are free to explore the classroom and materials at their own pace. Children finish the school year in the Twos program, aware of themselves and able to consider their friends.

Daily Schedule



23 months to 2 years, 8 months


You may register for one of two pickup times for your child on Monday through Thursday. All children are dismissed at 3:30 on Friday.