Early childhood education through the joyful exploration of the self, others and the natural world. 

Our Approach

Education is a social experience and one by which, experience is defined and internalized through thoughtful reflection. Each child is an active, contributing member of the community.  Our classrooms provide a welcoming, deliberate arena for children to utilize their intellect and creativity. 

As educators, we shape the meaningful experiences through which children discuss, collaborate and grow. Teachers are social and intellectual resources for our students.

"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself"  John Dewey


September 09, 2020

Tompkins is back!

Tompkins Hall is back, with some things changed and some things the same.  We are true to our focus on relationships and experiential learning.  Prioritizing outdoors education as much as possible may be a new standard for the times, but is something we have always prioritized. Here at Tompkins Hall, we have always spent a great deal of time outside in local parks and in our own rooftop playground and garden.  

Here is our NYS Business Plan:

September 20, 2019

Early Notification Policy

The Columbia University Affiliated Child Care Centers offer an optional earlier notification of their admissions decision to the applicant families who are current and prospective faculty, staff and students of Columbia University.